Sunday, October 30, 2011

Matisse said....

"I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me."
                                                               -- Henri Matisse

Sketchbook practice

This is a small, practice painting (in my sketchbook) for a larger painting I'm planning. It is still very rough, but that is okay---I just wanted to get an idea of composition & color. Color needs altering, as well as value differences. This image is from a photo taken by my good friend Lola, who lives in Madrid. She sometimes travels to Lanzarote (one of the Canary Islands). This year she went there again, and this was the view from her room. Lola is coming to visit me the week of Thanksgiving and I am beside myself with joy over this. We haven't seen each other in around 17 years, and she was one of my closest friends when I lived in Madrid. I want to paint this image for her as a Thanksgiving gift.