Monday, November 19, 2012

Foggy River Farm vista

This is the view I had while driving away from Foggy River Farm (in Healdsburg) one day this fall. I had gone there to pick up our CSA box of produce. The sky and the colors of the landscape were so spectacular that I stopped right in the road and snapped some pictures.
Continuing to LOVE my new paints; can't imagine ever going back to acrylics.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Rodin said....

"He who is discouraged after a failure is not a real artist."
--Auguste Rodin
  (Born on this day, 172 years ago)

On my easel today...

I am working some more on a painting I began yesterday using my new water-based oil paints (Holbein Duo Aqua Oils). I am astonished at how wonderful these paints are! Their consistency is great for blending colors.
In addition to working on this painting, today I am painting over some previous (unsuccessful) paintings so that I can re-use the canvas. Fortunately, I can paint over the old paintings with an underpainting of acrylic, and then paint a new painting on top using the new oil paints. I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off from work, so I hope to paint a lot.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Medium!

Today I will use my new water-based oil paints for the first time. I have been wanting to try painting with oils for some time, but I had doubts about trying it for several reasons: 1)As an amateur painter, I wasn't sure it was smart to switch mediums when I haven't mastered the one I was already using; 2)I didn't really understand the difference (other than drying time) between acrylic paint & water-based oil paint; 3)I thought that maybe I should try to use up all my acrylic paint before spending money on new paint. In the end, I decided that life is short (and unpredictable), so I should go for it. I did research to learn more about the water-based oils, and decided to purchase 8 tubes of Holbein Duo Aqua Oil paints. I don't think I will need more colors since I prefer to use a limited palette. I'm hoping to be able to produce paintings with a richer, more luminescent color. Don't really understand how to use the mediums I purchased, so we'll see how it goes!