Friday, July 18, 2014

Michele's sister's barn

Michele was the secretary at the middle school where I teach. She retired, and now she looks 10 years younger! Anyway, her sister Susan lives near Olivet Road, a beautiful area. Susan said that Lola and I could paint there this summer, so one day last month we went and painted this barn in her backyard. That day the colors of summer were perfect! This picture makes the colors look extra saturated; they are not so bright in the painting.

Painting in My New Studio

It is such a pleasure to have a spacious, light-filled studio in which to paint! I often dreamed of this, but did not think I would ever have it. I am working on several paintings--3 small ones, and one 24" x 36" painting of a vineyard which you see in the photo. This is a commission, and it has been such a fun painting to work on! The women who commissioned it live in town, so they often pass by the studio and say hello. Their enthusiasm for the painting is a wonderful motivation. It should be done soon!

New Gallery!

In a wonderful and amazing turn of events, there is a new gallery in Guerneville, CA.....mine! My friend Suzy Kuhr, a phenomenal photographer who specializes in hand-developed, black & white photography, is sharing the space with me. We opened on July 4th, and will now be able to participate in all of the festive 1st Friday Art Walks! Our location is 16216 Main Street, Suite B (above the Lifvendahl Gallery). Although we each run our space individually, in town people know us as the "Kuhr-Norris Studio & Gallery."